Thursday, May 16, 2013

Using Wed clay pt 6

So I got the sculpt molded and then cast it. Since it turn out well I really wanted to do something more with it other than paint and display another bust. So I decided to make a full size prop.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Wed clay pt 5

Pretty much done. And for molding I am trying out using urethane instead of ultracal or silicone.

Using Wed clay pt4

Progress so far. Im really enjoying the consistence of this clay. And another plus side clean up is easier than oil clay. When I wash my hands I dont have that waxy hard to clean greasy feeling. Just make sure moisturize your hands as water clay can dry out your skin a little.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Using Wed Clay pt3

So using Wed clay is amazing. Its so smooth and soft right out of the box. Unlike that red oil clay that you have to cut up and knead the hell out of, the Wed clay starts out soft enough that it takes half the time to clay up.

Using Wed Clay pt2

This sculpt is goimg mostly be texture practice and getting to know my new medium. Ive worked with traditional water clay before so im excited to see or feel the differences.

My armature is just a simple foam head I bought at Hobby Lobby that I stuck on a base.

Using Wed Clay

Here at Metal Water Studio we never stop learning and exploring new materials and methods. This year the new meterial so far is Wed Clay by Laguna.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with different types of clay there are two basic types of clay, water and oil based. Wed clay is a water based clay that has some more oil based clay properties. For example this clay is not sandy and crumbly like traditional water clays.   Even though you cant just let it sit out and have to keep your sculpt wet, I like all the pros to this kind of water clay and will probably not be using oil clay much more.
And before I forget Wed clay is a fraction of the cost at about $20-25 for 50 lbs.